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It is possible that the next time you scan the shelves or surf the Internet to replenish your Nuun cache, do not recognize it immediately. This is because the brand behind the popular electrolyte replacement tablets has just renewed its appearance, product line and ingredients. Here is a quick summary of the updates.

Nuun's popular hydration product, the electrolytes will now be labeled "Sport", and the formula has been updated with cleaner ingredients and a new ratio of electrolytes (a little less sodium, a little more potbadium), than the Mark has improved due to new research that suggests its The body can absorb this particular combo faster.



The line was previously of vegetable, vegan and gluten-free origin, but now it is not GMO either, according to a Nuun press release. In addition, Sport, which comes in 13 flavors, is now sweetened with only Stevia (compared to Stevia and the monk fruit in the formula above), and a recently added ingredient, rice extract, will help the tablets dissolve faster.

Nuun Sport

$ 7.00

Nuun still offers the variety of products it expects in the form of tubes of 10 tablets or beverages, but now they are organized according to four categories: Sport, Immunity, Vitamins and Performance.

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The sport is still presented in varieties without caffeine and without caffeine. Eyelashes include sodium, potbadium and calcium electrolytes to help improve hydration in your average workout, but they contain only 15 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates.

Immunity is replete with vitamin C, D and A, to help boost your immune system after a workout for optimal recovery. Or you can open a tab before, during or after traveling on an airplane or other public transportation to keep your immune system strong for the big race.

Vitamins contain, I suppose, a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and calcium, for daily hydration. Some flavors include an increase in caffeine, which you can add to your water in the morning to start the day and revive without coffee or as a hydration before napping after a bad night's sleep.

The performance formula is designed to help you go through long or intense training sessions (think: walks in the century or marathon training). The beverage mix contains sodium, potbadium, calcium and sugar (carbohydrates) to replenish electrolytes and provide energy so you can continue on the long road.

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