Nurses urge people to be careful not to get the flu

HASTINGS, Nebraska (KSNB) – Since the beginning of 2019, Nebraska has been considered "generalized" by the flu activity in the state. It is the most active state in the Midwest.

There are only ten other states that are listed as generalized.

As of January 5, there have been 14 deaths badociated with influenza for all ages in Nebraska, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Center for Disease Control recommends people who are vaccinated against the flu or take additional measures to prevent them from becoming infected. This year's flu outbreak is milder than last season, which was severe in most parts of the country.

"The CDC is really saying we're not seeing as many cases as last year, so that tells me they think the flu vaccine is more effective this year," said Mary's employee infection prevention manager. Lanning Healthcare, Janet Riese. "What worries me is that there are still people who have been vaccinated against the flu."

The nurses say that the flu vaccine can be given at any time during the season.

"No, you can absolutely get vaccinated against the flu in any of the facilities they provide," Riese said. "Your doctor's office or pharmacies can give them. Mary Lanning employees can come here, as well as our volunteers and get vaccinated against the flu. "

While it may be difficult to take a break from work, nurses strongly recommend that people stay home if they have a fever of more than 100.1. Fever must be below that number without medication to return to work

Children and people over 65 are the most susceptible to getting the flu. People with weakened immune systems should also take precautions for the rest of the season.

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