Nurse accused of killing eight infants in UK hospital

According to reports, a British nurse was charged with the murder of eight infants and the attempted murder of 10 others since 2016, after being arrested for the third time in connection with horrific crimes in the hospital’s neonatal unit.

30-year-old Lucy Leby, who works in the Countess of Chester Hospital, was arrested after a three-year investigation, which began after she raised an alarm about a large number of deaths between March 2015 and July 2016. .

The hospital in Cheshire, southeast of Liverpool, underwent an internal investigation when health care workers found that premature infants suffered heart and lung failure, according to the outlet.

According to a statement, “The Crown Prosecution Service has authorized the Cheshire Police to indict a health care professional with murder in connection with the ongoing investigation into the deaths of several children in the Countess of Chester Hospital.”

Lucy leby
Lucy lebyChester Standard /

“Lucy Leby, of Aran Avenue, Hereford, is facing eight charges of murder and 10 charges of murder,” it said.

Following his arrest this week, police said that the parents of all the victims have been made aware of the developments in the serious case and are receiving emotional support from specially trained officers.

Chester Hospital Count
Chester Hospital CountVia AFP Getty Image

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Hughes said, “A dedicated team of detectives are working very hard on this very complex and extremely sensitive case and are doing every job as quickly as possible to identify the deaths and fall of these children What has happened. In charge of the investigation, Surya reported.

“This is a very difficult time for all families and it is important to remember that there is also care about how many bereaved families who seek the same answer with their children,” he said.

Letterby is expected to appear in Warrington Magistrate Court on Thursday.

The nurse was first arrested on suspicion of murder in July 2018 as investigators tied her to the deaths of eight infants and attempted to kill six other infants at the hospital.

Authorities investigated 17 infant deaths between 2015 and 2016, and another 16 described as “non-fatal collapse”, when an infant’s health deteriorated severely but according to local reports the child survived .

Police activity at a house in Chester, believed to be the home of nurse Lucy Leby.
Police activity at a house in Chester, believed to be the home of nurse Lucy LebyPA Images via Getty Image

Lebby was out on bail since July 2018. After his prior arrest, police searched his home in the Blockon area of ​​Chester, Sun reported.

The Guardian reported that she worked as a nurse and qualified as a children’s nurse during three years of training in the newborn unit.

A friend at the time, Jordan Sands, said, “She was quite awkward and giddy but seemed like a kind person.” Another person named Letby “a wonderful person.”

Leby was also active in a $ 4 million fundraising campaign to build a new neonatal unit at the hospital that experienced an unexplained mortality rate increase.

“I hope the new entity provides a greater degree of privacy and space,” she told Chester and District Standard to support the campaign.


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