Number 10 Florida Reports Five New COVID-19 Cases

GAINESVILLE, Fla.: Following a recent minor outbreak of the virus on the No. 10 Florida football team will have to proceed with caution with its COVID-19 protocol. The Gators reported a positive case on the football team in their test update released a week ago but have now announced five additional positives in this week’s update.

Following the postponement of this SEC game relates to news for the Gators that this fall, with Missouri-Vanderbilt advancing the game this week, thanks to the outbreak of Vanderbilt on 12 December.

Nevertheless, Florida has had previous minor outbreaks on the team and is able to exclude the virus before this game can be canceled or postponed.

Gates reported six active COVID-19 cases in his trial update on September 15, just one and a half weeks before the season began. Yet there were few players who were out due to the season opener. Quarantine and contact-tracing measures September 26 against Ole Miss.

“I’ll be honest, I think if you see what we’ve been able to do, we have the safety precautions that our players take, our coaches follow, our staff follow, I think we’ll What we are doing during this time period is a model of safety, “Coach Dan Mullen said. “So, I am really proud of how we have handled everything and how safe we ​​are with everything we are doing and all the precautions we have taken during this time.”

The latest round of testing updates means that Florida will likely be short-lived for its game against LSU this weekend.

The Gators have now registered six positive COVID-19 cases on the football team in the month of October on 523 total trials.

“We’re playing short-handed defensively,” Mullen said. “We are hoping to get some people back this week. But, I mean, who knows? As you know this is going to be a really unique year, which is a lot of different things that you can do.” Forming a group. So hopefully we have some people coming back this week who will play. I don’t know.

“One of the things is that you put all these gameplay together, and like you were saying, we put people in the right position. I find out at 11:30 on Thursday night that maybe playing in the game Huh.” Friday can always change, someone sniffs, so … not to make light of it, but as suddenly someone, especially at this time of year, you have an allergy, you are having a cold and now we Running to get it tested on Friday and Saturday morning. That separated it. ”

While the Florida football team has dealt with the virus this month, other teams within the athletics program have not. The Gators have released a total of 197 Tests to athletes in other sports this month, with not a single positive result.

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