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Now you can buy a 1 terabyte microSD card – TechCrunch

Remember when the idea of ​​having a terabyte of storage was amazing?

Now they are packing a terabyte in the size of your pink nail.

In news that would have blown the head of teen me, SanDisk Now he is selling a 1 terabyte version of his microSD Extreme line for $ 450. The company speaks for the first time with these cards at the Mobile World Congress in February, but now they are coming to the shelves. As Tom's Guide discovered, it's available on the SanDisk site starting this morning.

Reading speeds reach a limit of 90 MB / s, while write speeds have a limit of 60 MB / s. SanDisk has a product page that indicates that a faster ExtremePro card (170 MB / s read, 90 MB / s write) is on the way, but gives no indication of when.

Once upon a time, the idea of ​​having a terabyte (much less necessary) in something that fits into a small slot in a device in your pocket looked funny. Then came the 4K video, portable devices that can registry in 4K and a growing library of games with absolutely massive textures. Filling a terabyte is a challenge.

For anyone who reads this in 2099 and laughs at our amazement of having to store a terabyte of storage on a card of this size while having a copy of every film recorded on a beach of hair or something like that: you and your personal rocket Can SCRAM. If you do not excuse me, I'll have a nightmare about losing a card the size of a dime with a terabyte of data in it.

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