Now why are the Seahawks interested in Antonio Brown?

ESPN’s Adam Shekre reports that the Seahawks are seeing Antonio Brown once again. (Getty)

A very surprising report involving the Seattle Seahawks surfaced on Wednesday afternoon, with ESPN’s Adam later naming him above all the rest of the team in the NFL in signing troubled free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown Was interested

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No, you are not reading an old story from this summer. Antonio Brown and the Seahawks are indeed once again linked in rumors.

The big question is, why?

Brown’s past few years have been worrying, to say the least. He pleaded no contest to the charges stemming from a fight with a moving truck driver on June 12 and accused him of sexual harassment and rape. He has also exhibited erratic behavior, both released by the Raiders and Patriots and was a tart exit from Pittsburgh.

The 32-year-old Brown is still considered an elite athlete on the football field and struck him in the head when he worked with Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson, fueling the fire only after rumors of him taking Seattle. A chance to sign that. And now the NFL has made it clear that Brown’s suspension will expire after eight weeks in the season, which opens up his chances of playing in 2020.

The Seahawks already have a suspended receiver under contract, however, in Josh Gordon. So once again, why are they adding Brown to an already explosive offense that is currently scoring touchdowns at a historic rate? Jake heapsTom, Jake and Stacey of 710 ESPN Seattle and a former Seahawks QB co-host shared their thoughts on Wednesday.

“The NFL is coming in saying that it’s only going to be an eight-game suspension … relaxes the teams, you can say that to sign him knowing that there’s nothing else legally that Antonio Brown has to stop playing or limit him from playing, ”Heaps said.

But what about Gordon and the Seahawks? Heaps wondered if this was a situation that needed to be read between the lines.

“The NFL is not going to make a statement about Josh Gordon not being successful in his statement,” he said, which could lead Seattle to look at other options. “(It could be that) Josh is unfortunately not doing what he should do to give the league a rest so that he can restore it. And if this case is already heading into Week 7 of the NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks can’t sit there and expect Josh Gordon to be reinstated.

“Now you know that Antonio Brown is getting an opportunity to come back after eight weeks, so if you are Syrian then you will start moving in that direction. That’s why I think you are looking at potential Seahawks Antonio Brown Coming on this road of signing and already involved in explosive crime. ”

You can hear Heaps’ full comments during the four-down Territory segment of Wednesday’s edition of Tom, Jake and Stacey in the podcast at this link, or in the player below.

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