Now there is a Bentley that you can buy for $ 2,100

Sure, it doesn’t have 600-ish horsepower or a lot of leather, but it’s very easy to park in your living room.


When it comes to brand partnerships, there are not many that make much sense in between. Bentley and British high-end audio producer Naim. Both make products with similar ideas about craftsmanship and quality, with products reaching the stratosphere.

Now, if you’re a high-end audio enthusiast like me, then you probably know that Naim’s stuff is no joke, and if, like myself, you’re not an elite kid, it’s probably outside of your budget. is. This is why the newly announced Mu-To2 wireless speaker collaboration with Naim and Bentley is so good. It is still not cheap, but it is a lot more accessible than anything that makes either brand.

Mu-to Design takes inspiration from modern Bentleys like Buckler And this EXP 100 And is the first Mu-so to feature wood in its design. It can be used as a normal Bluetooth speaker, or you can also connect it to your TV to help with its sound. It also has Wi-Fi and USB input. Mu-So can be controlled through the multifunction knob / screen at the top of the device as well as through Naim’s app.

The Naim app allows you to connect to streaming services such as streaming and services and play music through Apple AirPlay. App is available for Ios And Android, and while I haven’t tested it yet, it seems well designed.

Now we come to the thicker part of the story, and of course, the cost. How much is the Naim x Bentley Mu-So speaker? Try $ 2,100. By the standards of most people, it is very high. By audiophile standards, this is very reasonable. it’s worth it? As I said, I have not tested it, but if it compares to other products of Naim, then my guess is yes.

Bentley-2 from Lifestyle to Focal

If you have new headphones and you want very, very fancy ones, then maybe these are for you.


But wait, as they say, more is more. Bentley is also working with Focal from France on a set of high-end headphones. The headphones are of a closed-back design (this means that people around you are less likely to bleed from the sound), and are designed to mimic Mu-So’s sound profile. The material used here is uniformly articulated, with the earcups finished in pitted leather gloves.

As you might have guessed, Bentley x Focal Radiation headphones are not cheap either. They will retail for $ 1,300, which is not necessarily overrated for high-end headphones, but it seems like a lot for wireless headphones. Still, you’ll look like a total legend wearing them on a plane when everyone can travel again, so maybe it’s worth it?

Both Mu-So2 speakers and Radiance headphones will be available online in October at select Focal, Naeem and Bentley retailers as well as, and

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