Now is the worst time to buy a new Xbox

  • With two new Xbox consoles launching on November 10, there has never been a worse time to buy the current-gen Xbox One.
  • The new Xbox consoles will do everything the current Xbox One consoles can do, plus they will be able to power next-gen games.
  • Most critically: Both next-gen Xbox consoles are priced similar to the current ones, at $ 300 and $ 500.
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When the next generation Xbox consoles arrive on November 10, they will directly replace the current generation.

This is true for both price and functionality: The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are priced at $ 300 and $ 500, respectively, as are the current-gen Xbox One S and Xbox One X. In addition, next-gen Xbox console mimics functionality in current-gen consoles: they will play all your Xbox One games and all original Xbox and Xbox 360 games, which will not play your Xbox games, And This will work with all your Xbox One accessories.

Both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are, ostensibly, the Xbox One with additional functionality.

And in both cases, the added functionality means that next-gen games – games that look better, load faster, and sometimes run at higher resolutions than before on game consoles.

But apart from all this, there is another big reason to wait for the next-gen Xbox instead of purchasing the Xbox One: Xbox All Access program.

Xbox "Full reach" Financing


For $ 25 or $ 35 per month, you’ll get a brand new Xbox Series S or X with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – a Netflix-like gaming service that allows you to download and / or stream hundreds of video games .

This, to put it mildly, is a tremendously good deal: If you complete the contract period, you leave with an Xbox series S or X that retails at a retail price and two years of Xbox Game Ultimate. Let’s spend at a big discount.

In addition, you get a new gen-gen Xbox console with little to no money and a relatively low monthly payment plan.

Here’s the math: $ 25 for 24 months is $ 600, and $ 35 for 24 months is $ 840. If you paid $ 300 for the Xbox Series S and $ 15 a month for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it would cost $ 660. If you paid $ 500 for the Xbox Series X and $ 15 per month for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it would cost $ 860.

By using Microsoft’s Xbox All Access financing plan, you can actually Save Money in the long run.

Or, alternatively, you can drop anywhere from $ 300 to $ 500 on the current Xbox One. 10. Just a few weeks to go until the launch of the next generation of Xbox consoles on November.

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