NOU places full dormancy on quarantine after several alleged cases of Kovid-19

Visitors re-enter Seaworld Amusement Park in Orlando, Florida on June 11, after the park reopens after nearly three months of closure due to a coronovirus epidemic. Zach Wittmann / Bloomberg / Getty Images

In a letter to the Florida state of the Parks-19 epidemic, Kyle Miller, Seaworld Orlando’s park president, said that C-World laid off at least 1,896 employees.

The letter requires employers in Florida, who must submit a WARN (Worker Adjustment and Recombinant Notification) to alert local government when a mass retrenchment occurs.

Seaward closed its parks on 16 March and temporarily terminated the vast majority of its workforce within weeks. Although the parks reopened in June to reduced operations and guest capacity, “self-imposed limitations, consumer concerns and other factors” have slowed recovery and forced the company to make temporary furlows permanently.

The layoffs touch almost all positions in SeaWorld, including waiters and waitresses, security officers, artists, sales clerks and photographers.

“Seaworld intends to carry out this large-scale retrenchment with minimal disruption to the lives of its ambassadors and their families, and the Orlando community,” Miller said in the letter.