Notre Dame in great shape for commitment from elite de Tyson Ford

As we continue to see every year in the College Football Playoff – recruiting is king and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish need to do a better job on the road. Not that they are doing a bad job, but the Irish just need more to really compete with the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Ohio State Buckeyes (who are both on a future Notre Dame schedule).

A piece of that “more” may come on Monday when 2022 4-Star defensive end Tyson Ford announced his commitment. As of Thursday last week, a lot of analysts believed that Oklahoma was heading to Norman to play for the Oklahoma Sooners. On Friday, as it turned out, hiring experts began predicting that the Irish would be Ford’s choice on Monday.

On Rivals, it was Josh McKeunian of Suner Scoop and Mike Singer of Blue and Gold who placed their Future Cast pics for the Irish alongside Ford. At 247, it was his crystal ball picks for Notre Dame (as well as Steve Wiltfong) with Oklahoma Insider Brandon Drumm and Irish Illustrated’s Tom Loy.

I do not have the right time for Monday, and since it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and no school, it may come as a St. Louis prospect anytime.

I want to mention something here that even though Ford is 4-star on both rivals and 247s, it is ranked as WDE on 247s and an SDE over rivals. In addition, rivals have a 64th overall prospect in the country, while 247s have 181 nationally.

Notre Dame’s 2022 recruiting class is actually off to a strong start. The Irish currently have 4 commitments and are ranked # 10 in the 247 overall team rankings. An addition of Tyson Ford would take him to # 5 – but again – it’s too early.

2022 commit list of notre dame football (4)

Post The player state Hindustan Times Wt Rivals ESPN 247 games 247 composition commit date
Post The player state Hindustan Times Wt Rivals ESPN 247 games 247 composition commit date
Official language Joy Tanona Indiana 6’5 “ 280 4 4 4 4 07/25/20
Te Jack nickel Georgia 6’4 “ 230 4 4 4 4 07/27/20
LB Nolan Ziegler Michigan 6’4 “ 205 4 4 4 4 08/22/20
Official language Tune Massachusetts 6’6 “ 275 is 4 4 4 4 12/1020

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