Notre Dame football head coach Brian Kelly says Kovid-19 ‘spread like wildfire’ on his team

The University of Notre Dame announced on Monday that 18 players had tested positive for the virus. Kelly reports that ESPN is the team’s doctor who detected the infection 10 days ago in his game against South Florida.

After the stormy victory of 19 September, the team gathered for pregame meals, and during the game, a player was treated for dehydration after being thrown on the sideline. The player later tested positive for coronovirus according to Kelly.

“All of our time together, we didn’t have a meal where we used to sit together. Everything was grabbed and gone,” Kelly said.

“We get into our game situation, where we eat premixed food together, and we have a cost. Big. We had someone who was asymptomatic, and it was like a wildfire in our meeting area It spread where we were having food and then it came in contact with people. “

Encouraged by his recent test results, Notre Dame said on Monday that 25 football players were in isolation with 14 others in quarantine.

Following the sideline incident at the South Florida game, Kelly revealed virus-containing challenges.

“We have to think about giving antigen tests for stuff we never thought of.” “This kind of shifting sands into this whole thing, from in-game learning to what you do, what you don’t.”

Positive tests forced the Fighting Irish to postpone last Saturday’s game against Fake Forest University. The team’s next game is scheduled to take place on October 10 against Florida State University at home in South Bend, Indiana.


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