Notre Dame fans storm field after winning Clemson amid COVID-19 spike

More upset over Notre Dame’s double-overtime No. 1 ranked Clemson ended on a sinister note on Saturday evening.

Pandemonium succumbed for a moment after the No. 4-ranked Irish won 47–40, as thousands of students in the stands attended the ground in a frighteningly crowded scene and many did not wear masks properly or Did not wear them at all.

The Tigers were already doing shorthand with quarterback Trevor Lawrence while recovering from COVID-19.

Sports attendance in South Bend, Ind. Was 11,011 and was limited to families of students, teachers, university personnel and sportspersons.

Notre Dame fans storm the field after defeating Claireson
Notre Dame fans stormed the field after defeating Clareson.Getty Images

The announcer asked fans to leave the field, but the chaos continued for several minutes.

Notre Dame quarterback Ilian Book said, “One night I will never forget, no matter how old I am, I know I will always remember this game.” “Just a special moment. … When fans stormed the arena, it was really great. It was really fun. “

“It was a great experience for me, everybody went running down,” said Kieren Williams.

“I loved the energy,” added receiver Avery Davis.

This view was particularly in light of sponsoring COVID-19 cases on the campus of Notre Dame and around the United States. The university president issued a statement ahead of the game asking students to take a “re-examination” and exercise caution when exercising an “important and very concerning subject” in relation to the increase in cases on campus.

According to ESPN, the university conducted 138 positive tests from Tuesday to Thursday.

St. Joseph County Deputy Health Officer Drs. Mark Fox said, “Acceptance of victory, but that’s the subject.” Tweeted in response. “There are minimal masks and all undergarments were tested this week!”

After the game, it was revealed that Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly had actually warned his players that this would happen during the team’s walkthrough.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Coach Brian Kelly
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Coach Brian KellyIcon Sportswire via Getty Images

“I just want to know you,” Kelly told her squad. “When we win this thing, the fans storm the field.”

“Coach Kelly told us before the game that it was going to happen,” Williams said. “They said we have to go in after the game, fast.”

“Coach Kelly, you can also call him a prophet,” said linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Coremoa. “Prophet Kelly.”

The Notre Dame squad has already dealt with an outbreak in September that postponed its Wake Forest matchup until December.

“As it is, we are ready to move off the field and into the tunnel,” Kelly said. “Now I’m defeating them for the tunnel”. So he did not become so good, but he reminded me that I had told him this, so my skill today was very good. “

Notre Dame (7-0) will take on Boston College (4-3) next week, while Clemson (7-1) will take on Florida State (1-5) on November 21.


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