Notre Dame Defense and Special Teams Depth Chart

As of Monday afternoon, Notre Dame is entering the opener vs. Duke this Saturday with a full roster. Today after 215 negative tests no one is subject to quarantine or isolation, and the test will now be taken three times per week (on Wednesday and Friday).

On the defensive side of the ball, the line has featured generous rotations over the years that have been effective. It will remain the same in 2020 – but this time due to competition Linebarger, Corner and White can also see more personnel in mixed positions.

This is particularly important during a year where the COVID-19 epidemic will continue.

“It’s going to be a long year – one that requires a lot of players to be actively involved in what we’re doing,” head coach Brian kelly said.

While the line remains the status quo, there were many surprises on the last seven, especially secondary.

• Buck at lineback, vacated by graduation Asmar bilal, Junior Shiny Simon And sophistication Marist Liufau Beginners are listed with the designation “or” in the middle.

• A two-man fight was expected with the co-introduction of a strong security position Houston Griffith And Ohio State Grade Transfer Isaiah Prior Successful in graduation Alohi Gilman– but sixth year senior Shaun Crawford, Mostly nickel and corner during his career, was so sound and productive that he seized the starting spot. Also, sophomore Kj wallace Moved from the corner for stronger protection.

• The biggest surprise of all was a freshman who put two deep cracks on the defense, cornerback Clarity Lewis.

Renewed partner Ramon Henderson And Caleb Offard There were initial enrols in January, while Lewis did not. Not only has Lewis put a two-deep crack, but he also has an “or” for the starting position with Junior Tariq Bracey, Whose seven pass breakups led to the 2019 team.

Here is the official depth chart on defense and special teams released by Notre Dame. A story on crime was posted earlier.

Strong side end

Eddie Ogundeji – 6-4, 268 (5th)

Justin ademilola – 6-2, 248 (Junior)

Or Isaiah Foski – 6-5, 257 (So)

Ogandeji excelled as a starter in the final four games of last season and now replaces the graduation starter and the 2019 defensive MVP. Khalid Karim.

Foskey is also a swing man who is also in the viper position on the other side of the field.

Defensive combat

Myron Tagovelloa-Amosa – 6-2 282, 282 (Sr.)

Jason Edimilola – 6-3, 279 (Junior)

Howard Cross III – 6-1, 275 (So.)

Tagovailoa-Amosa had 477 snacks in the second season after Karim among defensive linemen last season. Ademilola actually finished with more tackles (25, 2.5 for loss) than Tagovailoa-Amosa (22 for loss), but later stormed a record six quarterbacks, third on the team.

Nose tip

Kurt Hanisch – 6-2, 296 (Sr.)

Jacob Lacey – 6-2, 293 (So)

Ja’Mion Franklin – 6-2, 310 (Junior)

Hanisch started all 13 games last season, but Lacy was a regular in the rotation, and Franklin took off strongly.

Viper End (X)

Dallin Hayes – 6-4, 270 (5th)

Ovi Oghoufo – 6-3, 240 (Junior)

Isaiah Foski – 6-5, 257 (So)

Hess gets second-team pre-All-America notice Sporting news Despite taking a medical redshirt last season due to a shoulder injury in the fourth game.

Middle linebacker (mike)

Draw white – 6-0, 227 (Sr.)

Bo bauer – 6-3, 230 (Junior)

Weak Side Lineback (Buck)

Shiny Simon – 6-3, 230 (Junior)

Or Marist Leufau – 6-2, 226 (So)


Jeremiah Owusu-Kormoa 6-2, 215 (Sr.)

Paul Mola – 5-11 22, 224 (Junior)

What a difference from last year, when the linebacker was the team’s primary concern due to inexperience, position switches and unknown items.

White and Owusu-Koromah returned to the team last season, with a combined 21.5 for loss to 80 apiece, and the latter were classified as a potential first-round pick next spring. Yet Kelly spoke highly of the third unit, never minding the other group.

“You’re going to see many players [Buck], ”Kelly said. “Drew has established himself on the mic, but Bo Bauer has not had his best camp bar … There were a number of bo’s last year, we felt there were some holes in his game. He kept his game up to that point. Transported where we think if Bo has to go there and play the whole game, we feel really good about where Bo is. Very, very good football player.

“We’ve just got two people on the scout team who are really, really good football players: [sophomores] Jack saffron And JD Bertrand. We have a hard time stopping those people. This is a really good problem when we have such depth in our football team at the lineback position. ”

Boundary cornerback

Nick McLeod – 6-0 19, 192 (5th)

Cam Heart – 6-2 207, 207 (So.)

North Carolina State graduate transfer McCloud was a captain and started 19 games, but missed the previous season with a knee injury. Hart was transferred from the receiver during the 2019 campaign and played sparingly.

Field cornerback

Tariq Bracey – 5-10, 180 (Junior)

Or Clarence Lewis- 5-11 19, 192 (Fr.)

Even more surprising than Lewis’ emergence is how the Buck linebacker shook and Crawford defeated a strong safety spot.

Lewis did not arrive with much fanfare, yet he is listed with “Veteran”, which was productive the previous year. Kelly said that the rogue brought ball skills, prudence and the ability to deal with the situation that kept him in his current position.

Mike mickens Has done a really good job of bringing her along, but much of it is that Clarence had some innate ability in that position to be able to translate here quickly on his own time.

“Comparisons are easy and sometimes we run with them very fast and very far. But we started another young man as a true beginner, his name was Kevara Russell (2012). I don’t know that Clarence has the same raw athletic ability … but Clarence has clearly demonstrated that as a true freshman we can keep him on the field at the same level, or possibly more than that, The level at which Kevarave had to play as a true freshman – and we did very well that year. ”

Strong protection

Shaun Crawford – 5-9, 180 (5th)

Houston Griffith – 6-0, 204 (Junior)

Kj wallace – 5-10, 189 (so)

Kelly has compared Crawford’s instincts, toughness, versatility and ball skills as signs of Gilman that can make up for the lack of great size.

“You can still play that position at a high level,” Kelly said, not the most important element in the position. “[Shaun] That situation has been extremely productive for us. He won that position.

“We didn’t come to camp expecting him to win. We came to camp hoping to be a place holder at that place. He went out and won that position. We’re a better football team, with Sean playing in a safety situation. Have been. ”

Free security

Kyle Hamilton – 6-4, 219 (Sr.)

DJ Brown – 6-0, 194 (Junior)

Or Isaiah Prior – 6-1 ½, 204 (5th)

All-America candidate Hamilton will now be in a starting role that 2019 captain Gilman and Jalen Elliot Has graduated, and his plate will be more filled, including not playing as a center field in sub packages like in previous seasons.

Sophomore kicker Harrison leonard Still on the roster, but Brown grad student Dawson Goeffrich Listed behind the incumbent Jonathan Doerer. Goeffirch converted 7 of 10 field goals and 33 of 37 extra points last year.

• Replaces three-year long-time snapper graduates John shannon Is junior Michael vinson, Which will be supported afresh Alex peichTop-ranked players in their place last year.

• Freshman running back Chris Tyree Listed as top kick returner with senior Jaffer ArmstrongWhile junior slot Lawrence Keys III Returns will be punished with punishment Karen Williams Next option.

• sophomore puncture Jai Bramblett Will return as the holder of the doerer, and has a backup walk-on JD Carney, Whose father John was a record-setting kicker for the Irish from 1984–86 and went on to become one of the top five scorers in NFL history.

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