Nothing says ‘ready-to-play’ like a giant scorpion cocooned in the cockpit

till I am The ledgeThe “Strange Beast Stories” expert (see Resident: Story of the Killing Horns and Eagles vs. Drones) Of course my coworker suggested that I want to look at this gaming chair that is made to look like a giant scorpion.


It exports Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity, gaming chairs and workstations. It can, according to the Cluvens website, support an ultra-wide 49-inch monitor, or three curved 27-inch monitors, and comes with an HDMI / DP cable to connect them. When fully extended, it weighs 265 pounds, 65 inches long, 47 inches wide and 82 inches tall. So it’s not going to fit neatly into one corner, you’ll need a little room.

Let me just say for the record that I am neither a) avid gamer or b) a fan of insects, especially ultra-poisonous ones like scorpions. So a gaming chair is not something I’m really in the market for, much less a pesticide gaming cockpit with six legs.

I’m trying to implement this in an office-setting, though, like a pre-pandemic office, where Rando coworkers will inevitably stop by your desk to chit-chat about the Steelers when you’re deadline. But just need to focus – hmm. Perhaps I am seeing use for this insect cockpit. If we could stick the stinger with some type of device (nothing fatal) that might enable people to get on my board.

According to Cluvens’ description, the cockpit is motorized, and “turns into whatever you need it with the touch of a button.”

<Looks directly at the camera>

The “tail” of the scorpion grows and becomes an overhang support for the mounting screen, and you can adjust both the distance and angle of the monitor using a controller. The “claws” where the mouse and keyboard rest (why not of course) have rounded corners so they are not as dangerous as they look (but no cupholders? Where are you going to put your Mountain Dew?) And , Cluvens says:

The body of a scorpion is where you can choose to sit upright or lie down for a rest. And guess what ?! Even the chair comes with a massage and heating function so that you can enjoy some quality time when you are making yourself like the ultimate villain.

Wait wait wait … it recurs and has massage and heating functions? This … is more interesting.


Still, it can be easy to lie down comfortably in a giant insect, but not so sure how comfortable it will actually be? Katie K.K. Gizmodo One really wants to get comment on his story though. We all have to help each other in these trying times.

Cluvens listed the chair at $ 3,299 (but our friends at CNET found it on Alibaba for only $ 1,900). You must reserve them in advance, but Cluvens promises that you will not wait, and says that you will be jealous of all your friends.

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