Norwegian man says prize money was seized from piss pants

His cash prize went down the toilet!

A college student in Norway took off his pants on camera to win a $ 5,000 contest – but the money was seized by customs officials and he never saw any value for it, he told the Post.

“It’s wrong to take the money I worked for,” said Dan Holt, a 23-year-old from Hughesund. “I questioned the police, but I cannot take the blame for it.”

Holt first heard about the so-called “5,000 challenge” organized on Instagram by Finnish sunglasses company NoPet in November, he said.

The firm urged contestants to film themselves to perform the most “crazy” stunts possible, then said “NoPet made me do it!” And a company posts the footage with the hashtag, announcing the competition according to a post.

“I figured, I’m going to give it a shot,” Holt said, needing money. “It sounded fun and I like pushing myself.”

A Norwegian named @ Holordieseltv says he entered a competition for the Sunglass brand NoPet while doing some public disgraceful work (an hour in a Santa suit in a mall, smoking his pants in public, etc.) Won $ 5,000 cash from doing.
A Norwegian man named Dan Holt says he won $ 5,000 cash from entering a competition for the Sunglass brand Nopet, including smoking a bong in a Santa suit at a mall and publicly banging his pants. Did things out of order.
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To win, Holt dressed as Santa Claus and took a long beak of tobacco inside a local shopping mall, then vomited and threw his bike into an ice cold river. Later, he saw footage of himself inside the mall peeping his pants, as seen by the audience.

“Everyone’s jaw dropped,” he said. “People were like, what the f-k is going on? But for the whole point the most possible thing to do was to act crazy.”

He posted wild footage on Instagram and on January 5 it was revealed that he had won and that he would get the cash sent by post from the company.

For dramatic effect, the firm cashed in a bible and asked him to film it to open himself, Holt said.

But the “sketching looking” package was later seized by Norwegian customs, and Holt was later questioned by the Haugesund police for failing to declare a large sum, Holt said.

Nopet quickly defended him, posting a picture of the cash-stuffed Bible on Instagram with the caption, “It’s UNIR!”

“Norwegian officials did not participate in the #NopeetMadeMeDoIt challenge and now they try to steal the prize money that has been seized @igordieseltv. It’s unfair! If they wanted the prize money, they had to take part in the challenge Should have, ”the firm said.

The company stated, “Our lawyers are already working on prosecuting Norwegian officials. “

Holt now says that he just wants his hard-earned money.

“I have not done anything illegal. I was just the winner of the competition, ”he said. “This is a lot of money for me. It will help me move forward in life. “

He said, “I think I know I have to declare the money now – but that’s probably the only lesson I learned … doing videos wasn’t fun.”

Norwegian Customs and Haugesund Police did not immediately return a request for comment on Thursday.


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