This costs Mod Y in Norway – see the first ITavisen driving video

Range 483 kilometers – easiest one arrives in spring 2021 to the USA.

Tesla will be in the evening 04 times from Norway appearing in his new flagship car, an airless sound that is less than an SUV Model X.

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Viking prices (expected to start early in 2021, we think this applies to all modules): t

The proof costs include NOK 25 100, and the full NOK 41 test will take place.

Red slab with black information.
Red slab with black information. (Ill .: Tesla)
Blue, from the side.
Blue, from the side. (Ill .: Tesla)
There is background to it.
There is background to it.

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More photos:

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We have not yet identified allocations and pricing plans for Model Y in Norway. Musk did not say more than the introductions, but the Norwegian website is empty. We are examining.

The Tesla website has fallen - that's Model Y - this is costing
So Model Y is like this. The first models are delivered in the autumn of 2020. (Ill .: Tesla) t

That is the Mod Y

The new model is slightly larger with Model 3, and has glass roofs and a panoramic view of five or seven people (an additional 25 100 kerer). The performance module can handle 0 to 60 miles, or 96.56 km per hour of 3.5 in seconds. The modules are either delivered on a wheelchair basis or can be traded by four-wheel driving with Long Range and Long Range options.

The ski doors can not be found on this, as on X.

Tesla plans to have a 5-star rating for NHTSA's security.

Production is expected to begin later this year, according to Tesla's online store.

Assignments and prices: t

With a white interior.
With a white interior. (Ill .: Tesla)
In white and 19
In white and 19 sports wheels. (Ill .: Tesla)

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