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A big market is opening in the wind to people willing to bet.

Norwegian Energy Partners, who are working to market Norway's energy solutions internationally, believe this applies to oil and gas and wind power.

A number of political parties and researchers from NTNU and Sintef and the University of Bergen have each applied for a Norwegian effort. This will further support the Norwegian supply industry which already sells bills abroad.

“We have said that we believe the industry off Norway is going to be able to give around NOK 50 billion in ten years, from a change of seven to eight billion in 2017,” said the director of the UK. T And she was employed by Jon Dugstad at Energy Energy Partners.

He talks to E24 on the phone from Taiwan, where he helps market the offshore offshore windmill such as Miros, which works with waves, the jotun paint maker, and Jotun. the Solstad Offshore, StormGeo shipping company, which provides hospitality services, a rust-protective Imenco fireworks, Firenor, which provides upgraded walking and Japanese solutions. using the power cables to protect them.

– On our own account, we can get a market share of 10% of the online wind industry. But anyway, but the turbines, Dugstad says.

Turbines themselves account for around 30 per cent of the energy cost from wind at sea, according to the Norwegian Power Partners.

This week, Norway Power Partners signed a letter of intent (MoU) with its business organization, the Taiwan Wind Industry Association (TWIA), which will strengthen the opportunities for collaboration between Norwegian and Taiwanese actors in offshore wind.

Taiwan has delivered 5,500 megawatts of wind power development over the coming years, which, according to Norwep, makes Taiwan one of the world's largest wind development markets. Taiwanese players are looking for solutions from developers, turbine providers and installation and maintenance companies, among others, and Norwep believes that marine operators and maritime players have a key role to play.

– lots of local content

In 2017, the Government of the Shipowners' Association, Norsk Industri and its industry organization Norwea, asked the government for a plea of ​​10 per cent of Norwegian wind turbines from the offshore wind market.

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Dugstad says Norway has good experience of marine operations, measurement of weather and waves and offshore activities, and this will provide business opportunities to Norway's companies.

Norway's Energy Partners will travel to the US to market Norwegian solutions in the rapidly growing wind industry that is setting it up.

Among those taking part in the voyage of a US submarine is Norwegian Equinor, which was spent by NOK 25 billion on the Empire project.

· The biggest challenge is that there are a lot of local content in the countries established by offshore wind farms. These countries are here to build their own business and need collaboration. But we know from the oil industry here at home, she says Dugstad.

“Thus there is a general challenge in Norway that we have a huge oil-and-gas side activity, which means that there is little resource available to businesses such as offshore wind,” said Dugstad.

Many players want a sea wind

Arild Hermstad in the Environmental Party Last week, the Greens spoke for a massive offshore wind rise in Norway, with a serious target of 25-30 gigawatts of offshore wind which sowed by 2030.

That's enough to make 100 terawattes of electricity per year. The previous year's energy output in Norway was 145.7 TWh.

The red party has put forward a representative claim for the 'new industrial revolution', with the proposals putting emphasis on industries such as wind and marine power.

"To ensure long-term employment in the industry and reduce emissions, the Norwegian oil and gas industry will have to be halted by a systematic approach and strengthening new industry and growing up", Rødt in the recommendation.

In March, the Labor Party also demanded measures from the government to take out a new industrial cycle in offshore wind, in a debate in the Storting.

Looking for adventure tourism

In March, the National Assembly for Electricity and IT accepted the statement that Norway should be focused on offshore wind as part of the society's ongoing lighting, to create jobs and further improve its operations. T into the knowledge of Norway.

Federation director Jan Olav Andersen believes that Norway should be focused on offshore wind where it is standing for global growth when this technology is coming to fruition.

– If you want to emphasize something that also supports the catering industry in Norway, you should emphasize wind at sea. Major flooding at sea can make a dramatic development for us, according to Andersen to E24.

Additionally, researchers in Sintef and NTNU have identified how the sea might be sent away by offshore wind, in a record in the Adresseavisen.

Researchers at Bergen University have set out a vision that Norway can generate enough wind to replace all the Nazi gas export into Europe in a log in the Aftenposten.

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