Friday , July 23 2021

Ryanair flights had to land with 30 sick passengers

33 of the passengers were taken to hospital after the plane landed.

The spokesman said that the exact landing ground is uncertain, but that:

"It was a technical problem and the air pressure went down so the pilot had to land The plane in Hahn. "

It writes Deutsche Welle.

Probably there has been a pressure drop in the plane that was on its way from Dublin to Zadar with 189 passengers on board.

Verken Ryanair or Hahn Airport has commented on the incident.

One of the passengers on the plane described the event on Twitter:

The same passenger wrote on Twitter six hours ago that they have not received water, food, any place to sleep or information from the airline. Furthermore, she explains that passengers are sleeping on the floor of the airport. Early saturday morning
                        Nor does it seem that they should have received food from the airline.

According to the police, passengers are to be transported to Croatia from Frankfurt at 9 am on Saturday.

(© NTB / TV 2)

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