Friday , July 23 2021

Nortura worried about large amounts of meat on cold stores

The case is updated.

– We usually add a plan that is in line with the demand for fresh meat in the market, but now that there is a lot of animals for slaughter we must freeze large volumes. It is a challenge. One thing is the freezing capacity, another thing is depreciation with freezing, "says Arne Kristian Kolberg, CEO of Nortura, to Dagens Næringsliv.

While there is usually a net loss on cattle and a significant beef import, the situation is reversed because it can suddenly be Too much beef. One question is whether the early slaughter means that more import beef may be needed later.

– The goal is to produce good grades of frozen foods that are attractive in the market, says Nortura boss.

Farmer Nortura has a own emergency group that is now handling the drought situation. Kolberg does not hide the fact that the situation is dramatic.

– Those who are really affected are our owners, the livestock owners, and especially those who run cattle and sheep. One thing is how the situation is now, but from autumn to late winter it's bad. Had it not been for the bond solidarity where the peasants help each other, then the situation would be far worse, says Kolberg.

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