Friday , July 23 2021

Infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Gran Canaria

Seven Norwegians and six Swedes infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Gran Canaria. It is ECDC, the European Center for Contraception and Control of Diseases, which has presented the report of the infection that has occurred earlier this year.

The bacterial infection has symptoms similar to pneumonia and blood poisoning. The diseases it causes can not be treated with antibiotics as the bacteria are resistant.

Discovered in Norway and Sweden

The bacterium found in Norwegians and Swedes who have been on holiday in Gran Canaria is called Klebsiella OXA -48. It was first discovered in Turkey in 2001 and has since been reported around the Mediterranean Sea in both Spain, North Africa and the Middle East. Now it is brought to Norway from Gran Canaria. There were hospitals in Norway and Sweden who discovered the infection and initiated the investigations that led to the Canary Islands.

The Canadian authorities in the Canary Islands claim that ECDC conclusions are not correct. They have started their own investigation.

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