Bygård gave "lottery benefit"

(Finansavisen): Seven seven rooms and four chambers and one room in the Odinsgate at Frogner that the applicants put out of their homes this week. The price bid of 45 million was broken, and the fans did not get up until that person put 54.5 million on their table.

– Many people have a chance to pay 40-50 million for a room building. More than you know. 50-60 people visited, and 15-20 faced an unprecedented face, saying that the Anders Langtind landfill business in the Private Broker, to Finansavisen.

– But not every day I'm lamenting 10 million kroner. It did not happen since I sold the first room building at Thorvald Meyersgate in 2004.

According to a newspaper, the farmhouse is a comprising of seven rooms four rooms and one room three rooms. Half of the small rooms are upgraded, and the second half is not.

– The buyer needs to use the NOK 10,000 meters on the farm to put the flats in order. Then he has a piece of jewelry for 100,000 square meters. He thinks this is a good investment, says Langtind.

He placed the lower 9.5 million price based on the building giving a 3% return. Now we talk about 2.5%.

"You can say it's a bad return, but for someone who gets 0.8 percent in the bank, it's not so bad," said Langtind to her; newspaper.

For anyone who wants to buy a loan for their purchase, one can not count on installments or raise rates at a rate until the deposit is made; go round.

Langtind describes the & # 39; The price is unique because it has always had fewer town houses in this area.

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