Northland Winter Returns with snowstorm –

Northland Winter Returns with snowstorm


A powerful snow storm will be the catalyst to return the cold and winter weather to Northland

No northern inhabitant was surprised that eventually this warm period of time came to an end. Now we have an appointment and it's tomorrow. The last sunny and warm day at least next week or two happened yesterday. We will continue to see the sunlight, but from now on it will be accompanied by low temperatures in the foreseeable future

The winter storm watches have been extended since yesterday. The counties of Koochiching, St. Louis, Lake, Cook, Aitkin, Cbad and Crow Wing are now under this heading. We have two threats to deal with this storm. The first is the risk of heavy snowfall that will begin to fall over northern central Minnesota, while decreasing the drift east toward the lake. The second danger is the strong wind with this storm.

The Northland will initially be in the warm sector of this next storm system tonight and tomorrow. Light rains will develop along the warm front that moves through the area late tonight around midnight. There is a small risk of a light freezing rain during night hours, where temperatures can drop by 31 or 32 degrees for a few hours before rising above the freezing point early in the morning.

Scattered rains will expand slowly in coverage during tomorrow when this storm approaches the area and intensifies as well. At the end of the afternoon, Koochiching to Cbad County will begin the transition to snow from the rain. Around 6 pm, the line of rain and snow will be from the western line of St. Louis County to the western line of Pine County. It will be around 9 pm tomorrow when the rest of Northland except the Arrowhead point sees the snow fall. It will be around 11 pm when the rain changes to snow for Arrowhead.

Snowfall and northwesterly winds combined howling with gusts of about 45 mph will occasionally create awful driving conditions tomorrow afternoon and during the night during the peak of the storm system. The heaviest snowfall will be made by Tuesday morning, but we will have scattered snowfall throughout the day on Tuesday, which could accumulate to an inch more than what has already fallen.

Snowfall totals for this storm will vary in the area. Northwest Wisconsin and the U.P. You should usually see 1 to 3 inches, but there will probably be some spots that look less than an inch. In northeastern Minnesota, areas along the lake will see 1 to 3 inches.

North of Highway 2, the totals will be 3 to 6 inches, however, closer to the Borderlands, the totals appear to be 6 to 9 inches. South of Highway 2 in northeastern Minnesota, it seems likely to be 1 to 3 inches.

– Chief Meteorologist Gino Recchia

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