North Platte doctors die from COVID-19 complications

Answer PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – The church in which Drs. While Lee Lamberti was announcing a member, he is declaring with grief over the death of the North Platte Doctor. Dr. Lamberti died on Saturday 12 September.

In early September, Drs. Lamberti was detected with COVID-19. He is the fourth person in the West Central District Health Department to have claimed complications from the virus.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church Pastor Arnold Flatter said in a Facebook post Sunday that words of comfort and prayer would be a blessing to his family, adding that Dr. Lamberti was very concerned about keeping everyone safe in the face of the virus.

Dr. Lamberti’s Kovid-19 status is considered a result of community-wide spread. A press release from Great Plains Health stated that he was a firm believer in the effectiveness of personal protective equipment and never missed wearing it while serving patients at the clinic.

Dr. Lamberti founded Family Medicine Associates in 1973. They built a thriving practice and actually helped to raise primary care in the northern plateau. He spent years in Dr. Recruited several colleagues including Janet Bernard, who joined the practice in 1985 and for 30 years, Dr. Worked with Lamberti. In 2018, Drs. Lamberti led the clinic through a formal partnership with Great Plains Health.

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