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North Korea warns that war is "established fact" after US bombing – Pacific

North Korea warns that war is "established fact" after US bombing

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea warned that war has become "established fact" as it lashed out against the US bombing by the officials of the Trump administration.

The declaration came a day after the Air Force sent a supersonic bomber to join state-of-the-art fighter jets in a show of force on the divided peninsula.

The official said that the military exercises and the "bellicose comments" of the American officials "can not be interpreted in any other way but as a warning so that we are prepared for a war in the Korean peninsula".

The lone communist state broke more than two months of relative calm last month when it launched its third intercontinental ballistic missile to the sea.

He also launched two other ICBMs, sent two intermediate-range missiles on Japan and made his sixth and more. National Security Adviser HR McMaster said over the weekend that the North's search for long-range nuclear capabilities represents the " greatest immediate threat "to the United States.

He said that the potential of the military conflict "increases every day, which means that we are in a race."

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham made similar statements on Sunday and called for the evacuation of American military families to get them out of "danger." The Pentagon said it had no plans to do so.

CIA director Mike Pompeo also said on Saturday that US intelligence agencies believe North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has no idea how dim his situation is nationally and internationally. 19659003] North Korea often makes bellicose statements after what it considers provocations by the United States. But President Donald Trump and senior administration officials have matched his tone every time tensions have risen to the highest level in decades.

"The large-scale nuclear war exercises carried out by the US In succession are creating tactile situations on the Korean peninsula and a series of violent war commentaries from high-level American politicians in the midst of such circumstances have made the outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula an established fact, "said the official quoted by the state Central News Agency. 19659003] "The pending question now is: when will the war break out?" The spokesman said.

The official also reiterated North Korea's insistence that its nuclear weapons program be for self-defense and said that "we do not want a war, but we should not hide from it."

"If the United States does not they want to die burned by the fire that ignites, it would be better to behave with prudence and caution, "the report said.

The B-1B The cancer participated in a simulated simulated bombing while the US and South Korean air forces conduct annual war games with more than 200 combat aircraft known as Vigilant Ace.

The United States sent F-22 Raptors and F-35s to join the exercise, which ends Friday for the first time.

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