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North Korea tried to simulate a sneak attack, but it is possible that the US UU They have known

  hwasong 15 launcher KCNA

  • The last release of North Korea was at night, which many
    consider having been a demonstration that you could launch a
    Surprise attack.
  • But American intelligence sources said they knew they knew
    three days in advance and looked at the missile
  • Knowing in advance gives the US UU the time to evaluate the
    proper response.

North Korea launched its last ICBM in the dark of night, which
many analysts have interpreted it as an attempt to show the United States that
they could launch a nuclear surprise
attack on the United States

But the United States knew the preparations for the launch three
days before, and observed the missile being erected and
prepared for hours, US intelligence sources told Ankit Panda of The Diplomat.

Every time North Korea launches a missile, it launches images
who usually present Kim Jong Un at an observation post.
Detecting this support reliably helps the US UU To determine where and
when North Korea may be planning a launch, according to Panda.

In the case of the latest Hwasong-15 release, what experts
For example, you can attack anywhere in the US UU with a nuclear charge, north
Korea used a mobile support possibly to avoid detection, according to
to Panda.

But the USA UU., With a network of satellites, drones and spy planes
often patrolling the skies over North Korea, saw the
try anyway.

While North Korea prepared the surprise launch, out of season, the
According to reports, the US UU They knew days before and had time to do
critical decision of whether or not to attack the launch

So, even though North Korea shows the impressive ability to launch a
missile in the dark of the night, it seems that it still does not have enough
mastered a fast one in the United States Army.

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