North Korea says Trump is begging & # 39; for nuclear war –

North Korea says Trump is begging & # 39; for nuclear war


North Korea said that the US UU They are "begging" for a nuclear war by planning the largest joint air drill ever held with South Korea right after concluding an exercise with a nuclear aircraft carrier.

"Should the Korean peninsula? And the world will be involved in the crucible of nuclear war due to the reckless nuclear war of the United States, the US will have to accept full responsibility for it." "said the Korean state news agency, North Korea, citing a statement from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The statement came after Yonhap News reported that six American raptor poachers arrived in South Korea on Saturday for an aerial drill called "Vigilant Ace" scheduled from December 4 to 8. The F-22 flew to South Korea together in a show of force, and the allies plan to perform simulated attacks on North Korea's nuclear targets and missiles, according to Yonhap.

North Korea's comments reflect a state nt KCNA made last month, saying that Washington is seeking to ignite a nuclear war after US strategic nuclear bombers B-1B stationed in Guam flew to South Korea to perform a drill.

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