North Dakota candidates who died from COVID-19 will live on Ballot

A Republican candidate for the state Legislature in North Dakota, who died from COVID-19 earlier this month, will remain on the ballot.

David Andahl, 55, a Bismarck rancher and developer who was running in the district on 8 October, received support from top Republicans, including Gov. Doug Bergam and US Sen. Kevin Kramer, before he died on 5 October.

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Andal’s name will remain on the ballot following a decision by state Attorney General Wayne Stanejem. Should he win on November 3, the state Republican Party will appoint a replacement.

“If the deceased candidate receives a majority of the votes, then the candidate is selected. However, if the prevailing candidate has died, the candidate is no longer eligible, and a vacancy will exist,” Steinism said to fill. A legislative vacancy, citing state law.

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Voters have the option to petition for a special election after the legislative session if they are unhappy with the appointment.

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The incumbent candidate, Republican Representative Jeff Delzer, is the chairperson of the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

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