North Carolina AG warns against voting twice after Trump tweet

Following the November Donald Trump tweet, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein directed people to vote twice in the November election. North Carolina voters must go to the polling place after voting by mail.

Stein as President’s Answer Tweeted: “NORTH CAROLINA: Don’t do what the president dictates. To make sure your ballot, sign and send it only. Then track it online with BALLOTTRAX. Don’t vote twice (this is a felony Is), or waste their time, or. Risk exposure to unnecessarily more people. ”

“Follow the law: NC law promotes voters with voting twists,” he said. “It’s simple – just vote ONCE! Also don’t take a picture of your marked ballot; you can take a photo of the envelope or blank ballot, but not once you fill it out.”

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Stein followed up with a number of resources to help North Carolina residents vote appropriately and assist on Election Day, including how to view the state of the mail-in ballet; Where to find polling places; And how to apply for an election official position, which the state needs due to the old people living in the house during the epidemic.

The tweet was shared as a response to Trump, who wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning that supporters have been instructed to visit polling places after voting by mail to count their votes.

“North Carolina: To make sure your ballot paper is signed and sent it quickly. When the polls open, go to your polling place to see if it was counted,” the president tweeted. . “If not, vote! Your signed ballot will not count because your vote has been posted. Don’t let them take your vote away from you illegally!”

An hour after Trump’s tweet, Twitter flagged it as violating Twitter rules about civics and election integrity.

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“We gave a public interest notice on this tweet for violations of our Civic Integrity Policy, specifically to encourage people to potentially vote twice,” the forum Shared On their Twitter security page.

North Carolina will allow more than 7 million of its voters to deliver absentee ballots by mail, vote early at the polling place, or vote at a scheduled polling place.

Concerns over voting in this year’s presidential election during the COVID-19 epidemic that has been going on for the past few months have been a much-awaited issue in the past few months, with Democrats stressing in-person voting options, while Trump mailed-in Voted the possibilities of voting fraud. The president has made several claims that mail-in voting during the presidential race “Large scale electoral fraud and rigging in the 2020 election.

On September 4, 2020, at the Mecklenburg County Election Board office in Charlotte, NC, stickers reading “I vote by mail” sit at a table waiting for absentee ballots to be filled in envelopes.
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Members of the Trump administration as well as supporters of the president have also helped to advance the electoral debate. US Attorney General William P. Barr told CNN Position room The September elections saw mail-in voting, resulting in “substantial fraud and coercion.” In July, Rona McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, Tweeted That Democrats are “trying to legalize nationwide harvesting.”

However, election experts have repeatedly stated that while voting by mail is more vulnerable than in-person voting, all voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States. Since state officials follow specific security measures to verify ballots, both methods are considered reliable.

Stein is not, of course, going against Trump’s electoral claims. Many lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, have encouraged voters to vote during the election, citing safe conditions as coronoviruses continue to spread. Last month, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy fired back at Trump for filing a lawsuit against the state’s plan to hold a vote-by-mail election in November.

Murphy said at a press conference on August 19, “As the president and his team try to represent our election and affect the health and safety of millions of New Jersey, we will protect our rights, and we will back Will not move. ” So as they say, ‘bring it.’

Newsweek Reached the White House, who deferred request for comment for the Trump campaign. The campaign has not responded in time for publication.