Nomaland Wins Top Award from National Society of Film Critics


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Film industry has been Going through some stuff Recently, but while we remain concerned about how the business will survive this never-ending epidemic, a remarkable success story has begun to take shape around director Chloe Zhao. Nomadland. In the summer, the film won the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and similarly coveted (if less exciting name) People’s Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival, Effectively guaranteeing it a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars – if the historical precedent is anything to go by, as every TIFF winner has achieved one for a decade. Then again, this is the first time sometimes The same film won both TIFF and Venice, so the historical precedent is a bit harder to track down. (Nomadland It was also One of The AV ClubFavorite movies of 2020, Just throwing that out there.)

now, NomadlandMeteor rise continues: Reported by Variety, The film has also won Best Picture from the National Society of Film Critics, with Zhao getting Best Director, Star Frances McDormand Best Actress and Cinematographer Joshua James Richards Best Cinematography. The National Society of Film Critics does not always line up with the Oscars as cleanly as some other organizations, but it did win precisely for the Oscar win Parasite, Moonlight, And Headlines, All of which rhyme And Won Best Picture from both organizations. Nomadland Kavita doesn’t do with them, but we’ll have to wait until this year’s Academy Awards to see if it matters.

Also, as people point out either enthusiastically or for the rest of the year (it depends on how they feel about the three-letter that defines the American film industry Has arrived): After Zhao’s next film Nomadland Marvel’s Eternals, An adaptation of A weird jack kirby book That could be the next big thing in the MCU. It stands for logic, so a lot of people are going to monitor NomadlandReaction to the season award.


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