Nokia smartphones finally arrive in the United States at Verizon and Cricket


It seems that Nokia phones will finally be available in the United States thanks to HMD Global and the wireless operators Cricket and Verizon. Two models are expected to be released by the end of this month, so Nokia fans will not have to wait too long to get hold of the Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 2 V.

And best of all, both are budget-friendly phones, so you will not have to break the bank to have one in your hands.

The Nokia 3.1 and the Nokia 2 V

Nokia smartphones finally arrive in the United States at Verizon and cricket nokia 3 1 plus cricket front

Starting with the high-end Nokia 3.1 Plus, buyers will find an impressive 5.99-inch display with an aspect ratio of 18: 9. It comes with a 3500mAh battery that should last about two days before needing a charge. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor, which is quite solid for an economical phone. It will have 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, which is quite standard for a cheaper phone.

Nokia smartphones finally arrive in the United States at Verizon and Cricket nokia 2 v front

The Nokia 2, which will be called Nokia 2 V in the United States, comes with a 5.5-inch HD screen. Its main point of sale, in addition to being cheap, is the giant 4,000 mAh battery that can operate for a prolonged period before needing a charge. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, which is quite modest. However, it should be powerful enough for low-budget smartphone buyers. It only comes with 8 GB of storage ready to use, but it supports MicroSD cards of up to 128 GB.

The Nokia 3.1 will be available in Cricket Wireless as of January 25, 2019, for a very reasonable price of $ 159.99. The Nokia 2 V will be available through Verizon on January 31, and HMD Global has not yet announced the price of that device. However, the entry-level phone is listed for $ 99 elsewhere.

The future of Nokia in North America

In a press release, Florian Seiche, The CEO of HMD Global commented on Nokia's launches and plans for the future in North America.

We are extremely excited and committed to creating long-term strategic partnerships with the leading operators in North America. Our commitment to the Nokia phone is different and is based on consumer perception: European design and craftsmanship, excellent quality, the latest version of Android and an intentional innovation that improves your daily user experience. We want consumers in North America to love and trust their Nokia phones.

To continue with the idea, Maurizio Angelone, Vice President for America at HMD Global said: "In 2019 and beyond, we will continue to provide consumers with a versatile line of Nokia phones that they can use unlocked or with their preferred wireless providers."

It seems that these will not be Nokia's latest smartphones to reach North America, as the company seems to have big plans for the future.

Of course, we can not forget that the brick known as Nokia 3310 has already returned!

The legendary Nokia 3310 is making a comeback

The legendary Nokia 3310 is making a comeback
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