‘No team beats LeBron James and me four times’: Rajon Rondo explains why he decided to join the Lakers

Rajon Rondo believes that no one can stop him and Lebron James in the 7-game series

With the ever changing scenario of the NBA, it is quite normal to see players moving from one team to another within a few months.

However, if anyone was told in 2009 that Rajon Rondo would team up with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers in a decade, it would be quite unforgivable.

This happened just as the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship against the Miami Heat with Rajon Rondo playing a decisive role on the team, along with Lebanon James.

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Rondo says that he and Lebron are quite an unbeatable pair in the same team.

In his postgame interview, Rondo was asked what he felt about teaming up with James in Los Angeles and Rondo was now deeply delayed in his decision to join forces with the 4x champion.

LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a loss at the hands of the Golden State Warriors after losing in the 2017 final, with Rondo already deciding to team up with King.

Rondo said, “If I could have found a guy like Lebron, there’s no way that a team would be able to beat us four times before we beat them four times.”

Lebron and Rajon Rondo’s relationship

Now 2x champion, Rajon Rondo became the first player in NBA history to win the title with both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

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Rondo’s Celtics had several postseason skirmishes with LeBron James and his Cavs / Miami Heat teams, and the two struck out each other several times.

It was reported that James and the Boston Celtics had a feud in the late 2000s, however, James won a title in 2013 with Ray Allen, and now, one with Rondo.

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