No social distance, some masks as crowds await for Trump’s rally in Nevada

Rally-goers have been queuing for several hours to go inside the Minden, Nevada, airport rally venue. The rally itself will be held on the tarmac of the general aviation sector.

Trump supporter Maria Einschlag said she is excited to join a large crowd to hear the president. She said she feels safe and rejects the idea of ​​wearing a mask because she does not believe the epidemic is as severe as health experts say.

“I saw people wearing masks on the street, avoiding getting close to other people – it’s sad. We have to be outside and have a conversation, that’s why we’ve become immune. We have to develop immunity Is required, ”Ainsclugh said.

Asked if he was worried about catching the virus, he said no.

“It’s been eight months – I think I’m immune. And if I get it, I go to the hospital for a few days. It’s not bad,” Ainsclugh said.

The 63 seconds that show why Trump politicized wearing a mask is so devastating

The campaign offered a previously vague explanation of how it would follow the Kovid-19 mitigation protocol in Nevada for rallies the president plans to hold this weekend.

Trump’s recent campaign events have violated state mandates imposed to prevent the spread of the coronovirus epidemic. Trump’s rally in North Carolina on Tuesday violated Democratic Government Roy Cooper’s mandate that the outdoor gathering be limited to 50 people. The president and most of his assembled supporters also did not wear a mask, despite a statewide mask mandate in North Carolina.
And at a Michigan rally earlier this week, attendees did not wear face masks, one of the few proven ways to reduce the spread of Kovid-19.

When specifically asked if the campaign was planned to limit the number of people allowed to rally, a campaign official said, “Every participant will get a temperature check before entry, a mask will be provided Which they are encouraged to wear, and have access to a lot of hand sanitizers. ”

But health experts have emphasized that people can still spread the virus, even if they do not have symptoms, like fever, which makes wearing masks all the more important.

Despite warnings about a rush for more spread of the virus, Trump has continued to hold rallies. The next one is scheduled for Sunday in Henderson, Nevada.

CNN’s Ryan Nobles and Glenn Deci contributed to this report.


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