No new Canadian COVID-19 casualties for the first time since mid-March

For the first time since March 15 for the country, Canada reported no new deaths related to COVID-19 over a period of one day, according to this Reuters report.

According to the news agency, the country reported a total of 9,163 COVID-19 deaths on Thursday and the toll remained the following day.

Canada also reported 702 new cases of the disease in the same period, which is the total number of cases reported in the country in 135,626 cases over the past several months, Reuters reports.

As of Sunday, 9,170 deaths related to COVID-19 in the country, government health data show.

Canada joined several countries around the world earlier this year by putting a lockdown in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. Canada has moved ahead with the easing of some restrictions nationwide in recent months, with provinces like Ontario being the nation’s most populous, according to Bloomberg.

Health Minister Christine Elliott told reporters that the latest trends in last week’s numbers following Ontario’s rise in COVID-19 numbers have raised some concerns, as we begin to reopen schools and secondary institutions.

“We will be taking a four-week halt – or two, two-week cycles of the virus – before considering any further public health measures or reopening of businesses, facilities and organizations,” she continued.

The country’s border, which was closed to the US for non-essential travel following an agreement between the two countries in March, is also scheduled to remain closed until the end of September, according to the BBC.

In recent months, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin trudoJustin Pierre James Trudeau Trudeau Announces Millions for First ‘Black Entrepreneurship Program’, Cut Off by Remote American Outpost, COVID-19, A Ferry Service Gets Navarko to US Military Service After US Embassy Canada Kills more in Proud of his administration’s response to the ongoing epidemic. In July, Trudeau said the nation was able to “control” better than “many” of its allies, including the United States.

At the time, the US, whose population is nearly ten times the size of Canada, reported about 3 million cases of the disease and about 131,000 COVID-19 deaths. In comparison, Canada reported 108,000 COVID-19 cases in total and about 8,700 deaths.