No cuts to LA County COVID-19 restrictions until the end of September – CBS Los Angeles

Los Angeles (CBSLA) The county’s public health director said on Monday that Los Angeles County would not authorize the reopening of any additional business, unless the impact of the Labor Day holiday at least until the end of the month appears on the data.

Several business areas within LA County have been allowed to reopen in the wake of the coronovirus epidemic. (CBSLA)

Dr. “We have significant spikes and cases after the holidays, and as a result we need to take some steps,” said Barbara Ferrer. “We want to avoid doing this, so we’re going to wait a couple of weeks, look at our data, review it with the board … and we’ll get back to everyone by the end of the month.”

Earlier in the day, a group of elected officials from Bell Gardens, Commerce, Garda and Hawaiian Gardens called on LA County officials to allow them to reopen outdoor activity in the card room in compliance with state guidelines. Operators of small craft breweries are also making a similar push to reopen for outside service.

Ferrer said she respects that the county has in some instances upheld tougher regulations than the state, but said those restrictions would have to last for more weeks for at least a couple.

“We’ve made a decision with our board that we’re going to be stable until the end of September, when we’re going to see what the data is that we’ve seen after Labor Day weekend,” she said.

Since the virus has a two-week incubation period, spikes in potential new cases from increased public contact over the Labor Day weekend will not be reflected in the case data for about 14 days – as in data from late July to early July. was spotted. Holiday weekend when hospitalized and the case peaked.

“This epidemic is hopeless and heart-wrenching, and not the least of which is that we are desperate to live our lives the way they were before.” “And unfortunately as we have already experienced, doing so creates disease and devastation for many people, including the very weak.”

And although additional businesses will not be allowed to reopen, some schools have moved forward with plans to offer in-person learning for students with individualized learning plans, with English as a second language Requires individual instructions and those requiring other special instructions.

As of Monday, Ferrer said 59 schools have submitted plans to introduce in-person instruction – about half of which could open early next week.

On Monday, the county reported 733 newly confirmed coronovirus cases and 24 deaths, leading to countywide totals of 254,656 cases and 6,231 deaths. A total of 775 people were hospitalized, with 34% being treated in intensive care units and 18% on ventilators.

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