No coronavirus vaccine for the whole world by 2024 … best: manufacturer’s CEO

Chief executive of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, Adar Poonawala, said in an interview on Monday that the world would have to wait until the end of 2024 for a total vaccination from coronovirus.

Poonawalla, head of the Serum Institute of India, told the Financial Times that he thinks the world is looking for optimism in the fight against the virus, but pharmaceutical companies are close to producing vaccines on a large scale. He said his company is committed to producing one billion doses, but added that the world may need 15 billion.


Pharmecustial companies around the world are devoting a historic amount of resources to finding the vaccine for the virus, which has killed 920,000 people worldwide and infected around 30,000,000. There is no vaccine.

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Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine announced a potential breakthrough and said they had isolated the “smallest biological molecule” that “completely and specifically neutralizes the virus”.

“It will take four to five years for everyone to get vaccinated on this planet,” he said.