No bail in charge of capital murder against the MPD officer suspected of murder

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Marco Perez, 19 years old, will be held without bail in the case involving MPD Officer Sean Tuder.

District Attorney Ashley Rich says Perez is charged with capital murder along with other charges in the federal system for possession of a stolen firearm.

According to Rich, the teenager was wanted on felony charges in federal court and on probation outside of state court.

Police said earlier this month, the teenager falsified his own kidnapping to avoid jail. Officer Tuder was following up on an investigation yesterday, trying to locate Perez. The 19-year-old was cornered at the Peach Place Inn in the West Mobile area.

The district attorney says that Perez visited the Peach Place apartments when the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, adding that he had no home, that he lived in the forest and that he was fleeing from the police.

Perez will return to court on Tuesday, January 29 for his appearance.


The 30-year-old mobile phone officer Sean Tuder, killed on the service line on Sunday afternoon.

During the night, the alleged killer Marco Pérez, aged 19, entered the Mobile Metro prison.

We learned that Pérez faces a capital murder for the death of the officer.

His crimes began exactly 360 days ago, when Perez threw himself behind bars for a charge of third-degree theft.

His charges soon intensified to hit and run in July, faking his own death this month, and now a charge of capital murder.

Perez is expected to be in court this morning for his bail hearing. District Attorney Ashley Rich has already stated that she is not requesting bail in this case.

Police say that earlier this month, Marco Pérez faked his own kidnapping to avoid jail.

A few weeks ago, Marco's mother gave a tearful interview to the NBC 15 news in which she claimed that her son had been kidnapped.

The agents finally tracked him down, but Marco was not held captive.

Instead of running to the safety of the officer's arms. Marco escaped and skipped an appearance before a federal court on a charge of firearms.

Then, last Thursday there was a possible sighting with a stolen SUV; The two girls inside told the investigators that Marco Pérez gave them the car.

A few hours later, the police placed Marco's mother, Tiffany, in handcuffs now saying he helped Marco by filing a false police report.

Officer Sean Tuder was following an investigation yesterday, trying to locate the 19-year-old.

Perez was cornered in the mobile west at the peach lodge.

A shot cut the brave officer.

The teenager was finally captured.

At a press conference last night, US District Attorney Ashley Rich did not comment on the search for the death penalty until she speaks with the Tuder family.

SEE: Press conference after the bond hearing below

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