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Putting Virginia and Wisconsin on the same floor means facing two of the most successful programs in the country in recent years.

It also means putting very few points on the board.

The 18th-The Cavaliers defeated the Badgers, 49-37, in the predictable fight between two of the nation's slowest defense-oriented teams.

Virginia maintained the Badgers with 31.3 percent shooting from the general court with a 3 of 20 mark (15 percent) from the 3-point range and also forcing 14 turnovers, a non-insignificant sum in the slow speed contest.

Kyle Guy had 17 points and Devon Hall added 16 while Tony Bennett's team improved to 7-0 on the season with victories over VCU, Vanderbilt, Rhode Island and Wisconsin now on the résumé.

Things are going worse for Wisconsin.

Greg Gard's team has lost four of its last five games and enters in December under .500 with a 3-4 record.

The exhausting tempo of badgers certainly leaves them susceptible to ugly end-points. There is no volume to hide a poor night of shooting. Even the 2015 team that advanced to the national title scored 49 points in a game … and beat Marquette by 11, which makes me sad to just think about it.

So the fact Wisconsin had trouble scoring against a program that consistently out of the best defenses in the country on the floor each year is not necessarily worth sounding alarms or even particularly surprising. It should not, however, be set aside as the mess Wisconsin has sometimes just had.

There are issues that are worth considering here.

Upon entering this game, Ethan Happ shot 57.7 percent from the floor while the rest of the Badgers shot 44.7 percent as a team, including a 35.1 percent pedestrian from the 3-point range.

The Badger's fight to find a consistent and dangerous offensive option with Happ was on display against Virginia. The big junior man scored 14 points and was 6 out of 10 from the floor. The rest of the team scored 23 points in 9 of 38 (25.7 percent) shots.

There have been flashes of men who are able to take on that role, namely, Brad Davison and D & # 39; Mitrik Trice, but both are of a lower level to whom the inconsistency is likely to be expected and Davison seems to have an injury prolonged on the shoulder that probably is not doing her any favors. It will be difficult for the Badgers to be offended enough if it is Happ And Everybody Else, especially if there is an average of 3 points and small plays in the other positions.

The Badgers are not making the extra shots they are used to the offensive rebounds falling, since the squad has changed guard without another big player who plays constantly with Happ. Without those boards that often lead to easy buckets, Wisconsin's offensive is even more vulnerable to sizzle.

The 16-year career of the Big Ten top-4 Badgers may be facing their most real threat. Gard has shown through his brief mandate that he can straighten a ship that deviated from its course, but the reality is that Wisconsin is very young and does not have an overwhelming talent. There is plenty of time for things to be resolved, but less than in the typical years with the league game starting this weekend for the Big Ten as a way to accommodate their 19459006 winning week in New York. The Badgers have Ohio State and Penn State next on their calendar.

Of course, Big Ten does not look exactly formidable outside of Michigan State and Minnesota, so the Badgers probably have more room for maneuver than in most other years in their run of the top four. In addition, all their defeats have been against clbadified teams, so it is not as if they were being overtaken by the peels or the growing pains were unexpected given the rotation of the roster.

Wisconsin might be fine, but before December, it's fair to ask if it's not. At least by standards, the program has devoted almost two decades to establishing itself.

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