NLE Choppa is going through some major changes. Not only on a musical level, but also personally. He has adapted to a holistic lifestyle, even launching a YouTube page documenting his journey with a plant-based diet. He downed alcohol and weed and said that he would no longer speak of violence. Some will say that he is a new man and he is using his social media to spread the message.

For the past few days, Twitter and social media have been going crazy for Travis Scott’s new collaboration with McDonald’s. The rapper’s signature burger is essentially a quarter-pounder with bacon and lattes, plus a side-by-side BBQ sauce for their fries. Nevertheless, fans are telling the drive-through to employees that Cactus Jack sent them. As NLE Choppa has been promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, he reminded people that the food you eat is also a way of messing with your brain.

Dimitrios Camboris / Getty Images

Before tweeting how bad McDonald’s is, he tweeted, “Eat a healthy man who’s eating, which can also move your mentally.” “Put Them Travis Scott Burger Go Down Farmers Market Eat Some Vegetables !! Eat plant-based foods !! ”

Travis Scott collaborated with McDonald’s for the corporation’s first celebrity partnership since Michael Jordan launched McJordan Burgers in 1992. McDonald’s found more of these celebrity collabs in an attempt to appeal to a future younger demographic that they likely didn’t either. McJordan launched the burger when alive.

See NLE Choppa’s tweet below. Have you tried Travis Scott Burger? Are you down with a plant-based diet? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.