NK tightens the edge after death


North Korea has been busy lately strengthening the border area where one of its soldiers made a daring escape two weeks ago.

A young North Korean soldier with the last name Oh made a desperate race in the Joint Security Area in the demilitarized zone. month, slipping in South Korea amid a rain of shots from his former comrades. He drove the JSA in a jeep, but was forced to leave the vehicle, making the rest of the trip on foot. North Korean border guards fired multiple bullets at the defector, but managed to survive.

Following this high-profile desertion, North Korea has been reinforcing security at the border, according to The Korea Times.

North has installed a traffic control gate along the main bridge to control entry to the JSA, replaced the original guards, distributed Type 73 machine guns to the new border guards of North Korea (although possession of such weapons in the JSA it is an armistice violation), and he dug a deep trench to prevent someone from driving a vehicle through the area, as Oh tried before one of the jeep wheels was trapped in a ditch.

The North also established a more secure checkpoint, presumably to verify the identities of each and every one of the people who intend to enter the JSA.

NK completes 3 steps to avoid another escape from the Joint Security Area: it distributes machine guns manufactured NK type 73 to the guards; install the traffic control door in front of 72-Hr Bridge; digs a trench 1 meter deep in front of the space previously wide enough to allow the pbadage of cars pic.twitter.com/0WjTeCvvIr

– Noon in Korea (@NoonInKorea) November 26, 2017

North Korea still has to comment publicly on the last defection, one that could be seen as a shame for the country. There are reports that senior military officers at the border have been summoned to Pyongyang for an investigation into the soldier's escape.

Oh received medical treatment at Ajou University Hospital for bullet wounds, as well as hepatitis B, latent tuberculosis, infection and round worms The soldier remained unconscious and in critical condition for days, but is now awake and recovering in South Korea.

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