NJ Weather: Severe storm watch in 11 NJ counties

NEW JERSEY – A severe storm warning was issued Sunday for 11 New Jersey counties since 60 mph winds and hail were expected.

According to the National Weather Service, roofs, siding, trees, and power lines may be damaged, and severe storms could cause power outages.

A severe storm warning was also issued for parts of New Jersey.

Here are the alerted areas:

The worst of the storms was expected to occur after 4 pm on Sunday.

Photo courtesy of AccuWeather

According to AccuWeather, there will be several factors that will play a role in determining how strong and widespread storms become. The evolution of the severe weather threat on Sunday afternoon will depend exactly on how far a complex of rains and thunderstorms has progressed in the Great Lakes region.

Then a stagnant storm will trigger rounds of rain at various locations from New England to the mid-Atlantic through the middle of the week, according to AccuWeather. The storm will carry moisture from the Atlantic Ocean, allowing wet weather from the Maine coast to the interior of New York’s Mohawk Valley on Monday and continuing through Wednesday.

Photo courtesy of AccuWeather

Here is the forecast for the week:

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