NJ reports 346 new COVID-19 cases, 3 deaths. Many school districts reopen plans due to positive tests

New Jersey reported 346 new coronavirus positive tests and 3 additional deaths on Monday as several school districts were forced to change plans to reopen the individual due to cases involving students and staff.

The transmission rate in the state remained stable at 1.06 on Monday after falling for four consecutive days and remains above the critical mark of 1, indicating that the state outbreak is on the rise. The transmission rate is above 1 for more than a week.

New Jersey has now reported 196,968 total cases, with more than 3.2 million trials conducted over 6 months, as the state declared its first case on 4 March. It is the eighth-most case of any US state and the second-largest in the Garden State. Death toll during epidemic in New York state only. New Jersey has the nation’s highest COVID-19 death rate per 100,000 inhabitants.

The state’s death toll is 16,034, including 14,245 lab-confirmed deaths and 1,789 considered potential. Of the three new deaths recorded on Monday, one person died on Thursday and two others died on Wednesday. Gov. Phil Murphy said during his regular COVID-19 briefing in Trenton on Monday.

The transmission rate remained constant at 1.06 on Monday, meaning that each new case is leading to at least one other case.NJ Governor’s Office

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COVID-19 Hospital in New Jersey dropped dramatically from the state peak in mid-April when there were more than 8,000 patients.

According to state officials, 420 patients had spread to 71 hospitals across the state by Sunday evening, of which 216 were confirmed and 206 were awaiting the examination results. Of those, 91 people were in critical or intensive care, including 41 people on ventilators.

County-by-county residents:

  • Atlantic County: 3,895 positive test results (8 new), 242 confirmed deaths (11 possible)
  • Bergen County: 21,995 positive test results (33 new), 1,799 confirmed deaths (243 potential)
  • Burlington County: 6,747 positive test results (27 new), 450 confirmed deaths (39 potential)
  • Camden County: 9,506 positive test results (31 new), 545 confirmed deaths (53 possible)
  • Cape May County: 968 positive test results (8 new), 87 confirmed deaths (7 possible)
  • Cumberland County: 3,698 positive test results (8 new), 149 confirmed deaths (8 possible)
  • Essex County: 20,669 positive test results (15 new), 1,894 confirmed deaths (229 possible)
  • Gloucester County: 4,082 positive test results (25 new), 217 confirmed deaths (7 possible)
  • Hudson County: 20,385 positive test results (12 new), 1,352 confirmed deaths (160 possible)
  • Hunteron County: 1,264 positive test results (9 new), 71 confirmed deaths (54 possible)
  • Mercer County: 8,498 positive test results (7 new), 598 confirmed deaths (36 possible)
  • Middlesex County: 18,870 positive test results (28 new), 1,220 confirmed deaths (202 possible)
  • Monmouth County: 11,217 positive test results (24 new), 771 confirmed deaths (92 possible)
  • Morris County: 7,647 positive test results (20 new), 686 confirmed deaths (145 possible)
  • Ocean County: 11,774 positive test results (34 new), 973 confirmed deaths (64 possible)
  • Passaic County: 18,673 positive test results (11 new), 1,106 confirmed deaths (143 possible)
  • Salem County: 1,016 positive test results (1 new), 83 confirmed deaths (6 possible)
  • Somerset County: 5,575 positive test results (20 new), 494 confirmed deaths (74 possible)
  • Sussex County: 1,428 positive test results (3 new), 161 confirmed deaths (37 possible)
  • Union County: 17,324 positive test results (11 new), 1,189 confirmed deaths (166 potential)
  • Warren County: 1,424 positive test results (5 new), 158 confirmed deaths (13 possible)

Murphy said that late last week the state has been eyeing headline numbers as a mix of individual, distance and hybrid education schemes have reopened in New Jersey schools. At least six public school districts have been forced to change plans for in-person classes because students or staff have tested positive for COVID-19.

New Jersey’s young population, meanwhile, accounts for the largest age group testing positive for the virus.

State Health Commissioner Judith Perschilli said on Friday that the percentage positivity between ages 19 to 24 is now 6%. This means that 6% of the residents of that group who have been tested for COVID-19 have tested positive.

The percentage positivity among all other age groups is “declining or flat”, the commissioner said last week.

New Jersey has relaunched some of the businesses listed in Stage 3 of its recovery plan with indoor meals at gyms, movie theaters, indoor performing arts veins, and bars and restaurants.

Murphy has said that they can tighten the guidelines if the direction increases or if businesses and patrons do not follow the rules.

According to an ongoing rally by Johns Hopkins University, as of Monday morning, there have been over 29 million positive COVID-19 tests worldwide. More than 924,800 people have died, while around 20 million have been recovered.

The United States has the highest number of positive tests in the world, more than 6.5 million, and the most deaths, exceeding 194,100.

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