NJ COVID Update: 105 Years Survive Coronavirus, Offers Tips for Long Life

OCEAN COUNTY, NJ (WABC) – A woman in Ocean County who tested positive for COVID-19 on her 105th birthday last month has recovered and now has some advice.

Lucia DeClerck said Tuesday that she feels wonderful.

Now he’s been through two world wars and two pandemics, and at 105, he’s even getting used to Zoom.

So what is your secret?

“I don’t have a secret, all I do is pray, pray, pray and not eat junk food,” DeClerck said.

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Her family said she has survived three cardiologists and three husbands and joked that it must be made of steel.

DeClerck says she believes the gin-soaked raisins have helped her stay disease-free.

She is now fully vaccinated against COVID and says she will continue her daily prayers for everyone.

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