Nintendo Wii, GameCube games come to China with the NVIDIA shield


As revealed by industry badyst Daniel Ahmad Nintendo is partnering with NVIDIA to launch some of its Wii and Gamecube games in China for the first time. While the NVIDIA Tegra chip is at the heart of the Nintendo Switch, in this case, the games will run on NVIDIA Shield, which will hit the market in China today. NVIDIA confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. Wii The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and PUNCH-OUT !! are all available now for Shield in 1080p, while others, including Super Mario Galaxy "will arrive soon".

Ahmad posted videos of Nintendo games running on the shield (originating from Weibo) and provided some price information, saying that the shield in China costs 1499 RMB (around $ 226), while each remastered game costs 68 RMB (around $ 10). We would not expect anything about this agreement to expand beyond China in the foreseeable future, but the licensing agreement is a way for Nintendo to crack the market officially. We do not have much information about the Shield available in China, but it is different from the EE version. UU., With "content, shop, search and more" local plus a voice control AI with Baidu technology.

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