Nintendo Switch prototype leaks online

A new Nintendo Switch prototype has leaked online, giving Nintendo fans an early look at the console. On Twitter, Nintendo enthusiast Forest of Illusion recently revealed that they got an early Nintendo Switch system from a vendor in Hong Kong dating back to April 2016, almost a year before the Nintendo Switch was released and not long before that. will go into operation. production. And as Forest of Illusion points out, it’s the first Nintendo Switch model found so far.

As you can see from the images below, there is not much difference between the final product and this prototype, although it does feature different volume buttons and different screws.

“We have secured a Nintendo Switch Development System (EDEV) from a vendor in Hong Kong,” the Twitter post revealing the discovery reads. “The unit is from approximately April 2016, making it the first Switch found so far, almost a year before retail launch. Data (factory test files) cannot be published because it is too recent But all files have been safely backed up and the system has been sent to someone for safekeeping. Some other things to note are the different screws, volume buttons and it is known as DPRD “.

At press time, it’s unclear how much the prototype cost and it’s unclear if games can be played on it. That being said, at this point, Nintendo hasn’t recognized the machine in any capacity, and at this point, it probably won’t.

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