Nintendo Switch online trailer is full of dislikes

Nintendo reissues and reloads a trailer explaining the features of Nintendo Switch Online, but is quickly inundated with dislikes.

For years, Nintendo provided fans with free online multiplayer, even as Sony and Microsoft pushed for paid online services. With the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo finally changed course, charging players a relatively small fee of $ 20 per year for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. On March 24, Nintendo decided to re-edit and re-upload a trailer explaining the features of Nintendo Switch Online and why it thinks people should sign up, and it was immediately inundated with dislikes.

At the time of writing, the Nintendo Switch online overview trailer has 10,000 dislikes versus 8,500 likes. A look at the comment section reveals exactly why people aren’t happy with the trailer and Nintendo’s online services, and it turns out there are a few different reasons for the reaction.

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One of the main reasons the trailer has been flooded with dislikes is because it includes images of the Super Mario Bros. 35 battle royale game. For the uninitiated, Nintendo is removing Super Mario Bros. 35 Nintendo Switch Online on March 31, making it completely inaccessible to new subscribers. So if someone saw this particular Nintendo Switch online overview trailer and wanted to play Super Mario Bros. 35They would only have a few more days to make it before it is gone forever.

Another problem that people seem to have with Nintendo Switch Online is cloud saves. It seems that some fans feel that blocking Nintendo’s cloud saves behind a paywall is an unethical decision, and criticize the advance for using fear of losing save data as a way to convince people that sign up for the online service. Many other companies do something similar, but that doesn’t excuse the decision of some disgruntled Nintendo fans.

And finally, another big reason why this Nintendo Switch Online trailer is getting so much buzz is because of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars controversy. For those of you who don’t know, Nintendo released Super Mario 3D All-Stars to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario franchise, but plans to withdraw the game from sale on March 31. Not only will Nintendo no longer ship new copies of the game to stores, it will also remove it from its digital storefront. This has sparked quite a bit of outrage, as one might imagine, and it appears that fans are using this trailer as an outlet to vent their frustrations.

While Nintendo Switch Online has been regularly criticized, some aspects have been well received. Nintendo Switch Online regularly gives away free NES and SNES games, with additional details to help make them more accessible to modern audiences. Others may prefer the virtual console, but eventually Nintendo Switch Online’s library of retro games should prove quite impressive. However, whether or not it’s enough to calm annoying fans is another matter.

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