Nintendo Switch Lite vs Switch: Which one is best for you?


Nintendo will launch your Switch Lite system on September 20. This is the first variant of the Switch console launched from its debut model of 2017, so, of course, people have questions: What makes Switch Lite different? Is the Switch Lite suitable for me? What are the pros, cons and concrete data about this new device?

We have compiled the latest information on Switch Lite to help you answer many of these questions, and we will continue to update as new news becomes available.

A different type of switch

The Switch Lite is Nintendo's $ 200 variant of the standard Nintendo switch, which usually sells for $ 300. While the standard switch can work as a portable handheld system or as a home console that connects to your TV, The Switch Lite will work only as a portable handheld device. It is the hybrid nature of its predecessor in favor of an exclusively mobile experience.

The Lite will not come with a dock or compatible with the existing docks, nor will it allow the output to the televisions, according to Nintendo. However, even if you want to set it up on a standard switch, to make it easy to store, it does not fit properly; The Switch Lite is 3.6 inches tall and 8.2 inches long with a 5.5-inch screen, making it a bit smaller than the standard switch, which is 4 inches tall and 9.4 inches long with a 6.2-inch screen .

The standard switch allows players to disconnect the two Joy-Con controllers from the system. These removable Joy-Cons can be used for motion control functions (like the original Wii remotes), as well as a pair of mini controllers that can be used to play certain cooperative games together.

The Lite will not have Joy-Cons removable. Instead, its buttons will be integrated into the system itself, just like the other Nintendo handheld computers. This means that you can not play games with a friend immediately as you would with the normal switch, nor can you play any game that requires motion controls. The Lite will be able to synchronize with the Joy-Cons with all the functions, if you decide to buy them separately, but you will not have a foot of support to support yourself.

The board game, seen here in the standard switch, is not possible in the Switch Lite.


Small game restrictions

The Nintendo ad video revealed that any existing and future Switch game that supports the hand mode can be played on the Lite. While this seems to be a good deal on the surface, since most Switch games are compatible with the handheld, there are many more factors at play.

If you do not want to buy any accessories or intention to play, even in the basic Lite package, many of the games will have restrictions; In particular, any movement control in the games will be out of bounds. That means you can not move your arm to wield a sword. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or aim with a full body The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. Super Mario Odyssey It's fun to play with Joy-Cons, too.

These games in particular offer alternatives based on buttons for their movement controls, so they will be fully playable with the Lite, but not all titles are so flexible with their control schemes. And even the fully compatible titles mentioned above will not be reproduced in the same way, since the small switch's Joy-Cons feature means that you will not feel satisfying vibrations in your hands while performing actions in the game. Some of the best Switch games available will have limitations.

You can also use the Nintendo Lab kits properly, as some require motion controls and are only optimized for the physical dimensions of the original switch. The VR kit, for example, will be completely out of reach for Lite owners, while other kits will not work unless you connect with the accessories to connect to the Lite.

Many Nintendo Labs will not work with the new Switch Lite because they require separate Joy-Cons or have an accurate cutout for the Switch screen.


As for the complete games that will not work with the Lite by itself, here are some of the most notable titles that are not compatible with the system: Super Mario party, 1-2 Switch, ARMSand the Only dance the Serie. The Lite's lack of movement controls, rumbling comments and removable Joy-Contrs are not necessary because of their possibilities to be totally, or even partially, compatible with upcoming party games such as Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, then consider the potential long-term impact of choosing a Lite.

You should also keep in mind that since the Lite will not include two removable controllers immediately, such as the standard switch, the cost of doing cooperative will be higher than the initial price of $ 200 suggested.

The true price gap

The price difference of $ 100 Lite disappears at the time you consider the main accessories (these are our favorites). A Joy-Cons game costs between $ 65 and $ 80 and you will have to charge them because they can not charge on your Switch. You need a $ 35 battery, a $ 30 charge handle or a third-party charging base for power. So if you're interested in games like Super Mario party, you will have to buy these additions for your Lite, which makes the cost of the ticket approach the switch's $ 300 label, if not more than that. And you do not have the option to connect your handheld to your TV.

The Lite is smaller than the standard switch, but it is not much better. The Lite offers 3 to 7 hours of battery compared to Switches 2.5 to 6.5. Given the slightest difference, the Lite's greatest advantage over its more expensive antiquity is its price, specifically for those who are interested in games controlled by movement, laboratory or cooperative game.

The latest Nintendo offer is a smaller version, $ 200, of the popular Switch. The new Switch Lite, which can not be connected to a TV and works only as a handheld device, arrives on September 20.


In addition to its price and its more compact size, one must also consider the visual benefits of hardware. The Lite will be launched in three striking colors: yellow, gray and turquoise. There will be a special edition Pokemon Sword and Shield Little too, for fans of the most beloved pocket monsters in the world.

3DS disguised

Nintendo could position the Lite to take the place of the Nintendo 3DS, which is slowly fading into the sunset of the history of the games. In that sense, the price of the Lite, the focused functions and the smaller size make sense.

Less a few key features, Lite's relative parity with the switch makes it an interesting flagship hand tool, as it will be able to play most multiplayer games with its hybrid hybrid home console system. A degree of crossover potential and the unity of the community between the base of the handheld and the user base of the console would be a remarkable achievement. If this is the final game of Nintendo, it is definitely encouraging for the future of both systems.

Naturally, we still do not know everything about Switch Lite, and Nintendo undoubtedly plans to provide additional details as the months go by, such as giving some concrete information on how, or if, you can transfer. Games between Switches and Switch Lites. Until the handheld is released in mid-September, it is too early to make a firm recommendation in one way or another. All that can be said now is that although the Lite will cost less in advance, it seems that Switch's standard benefits more than justify its higher price of $ 300.

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