Nintendo starts selling the switch without a Dock | News and opinion

No base, Joy-Con grip, AC adapter or HDMI cable. This is a switch for anyone who already has one.

  Second unit of Nintendo Switch

If you leave today and buy a Nintendo Switch, you will get a box containing the Switch console, two Joy-Cons, a Joy-Con handle, Switch Dock, power adapter, cable HDMI and Joy-Con straps. However, if you are shopping in Japan, there are now two Hardware Switch options, and the second one drops the dock, the grip and the cables.

As Engadget reports, it is called Switch Second Unit Set and is intended for anyone who wants a second switch and, therefore, does not need the whole kit. If you have already connected the Switch Dock, then you do not need another and the cables you use. In exchange for less hardware, Nintendo is lowering $ 45 from the price of this set.

When you consider that an official replacement dock costs $ 60, a Joy-Con grip costs $ 15, the AC adapter costs $ 30 and there is a $ 6 HDMI cable, the second set of units does not seem to have a good ratio price quality. Nintendo is withdrawing from the box a value of around $ 110 and only offers a discount of $ 45. I know those are the retail prices, but even so, the discount could be more generous.

I suspect that if Nintendo brings the Second Unit Set to the United States and Europe, it will be a difficult sale without a major discount. I prefer to pay for the original Switch package and have a spare base, control and cables in case something of my first Switch stops working. And you?


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