Nintendo Rises Monster Hunter Special Edition Switch Model

Nintendo has revealed a new Monster Hunter Rise variant of the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Twitter by Nintendo of EuropeThe special edition Monster Hunter Rise is adorned with a variety of runs and symbols in relation to the Nintendo Switch game, with some engraved on the back of the console. The joy-cons also feature golden accents, depicting Magnumalo in the dock itself and extinguishing the fire.

The Monster Hunter Rise #Nintendo Switch Bundle (includes download code for) #MHRise + Deluxe Kit DLC + Bonus Content) will be available on 26/03 with this special edition Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

According to the tweet, the Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch bundle will include a download code for the game as well as “Deluxe Kit DLC + bonus content”.

The bundle and Monster Hunter Rise will be available for purchase on March 26 to coincide with the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller game.

In other Monster Hunter Rise news, Capcom is set to launch the ultra-rare and Golden Japan-only Monster Hunter Rise Amio, available as part of the 7-Eleven promotion. If you want to find out which version of the game to buy, check out our article about all versions of the game.

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