Nintendo reminds us of the Switch online service. Now there are over 80 classic games

Donkey Kong Country© Nintendo

The Nintendo of America Twitter account recently uploaded a graphic that provides fans with a full-scale shot of all NES and SNES games you can play when you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online in this particular region.

It also serves as a reminder that there are now over 80 playable classics available with “more to come”. Take a look below:

One of the more exciting additions in recent times will be rare Donkey Kong Country. However, other areas, such as Japan, have found role-playing classics, such as the Atlas game, Shin Megami Tensi.

Visit the official website to see the complete written list of all classic NES and SNES games available through NSO. Of course, to play all of these games, you have to become a member or reach the free trial.

What other titles would you like to add to the Switch Online service in the future? Which platforms do you expect to join in the future? Share your thoughts below.


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