Nintendo launches website for original Super Mario Bros. game

The celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary is well and truly underway. So far Nintendo has announced new games, merchandise and even events and promotions. other First-party title Marriage 2 And Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If that’s still not enough Mario-themed goodness for Japanese websites for you Super Mario Bros. And Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Has now been launched. This coincided with the FEMICOM release of the original game on 13 September 1985.

Both websites offer players for each game – along with information about each world and item, along with Mario’s move set, his techniques, the characters and enemies in the game.

You can download the complete PDF manual for both games! It also happens to tie in with the release of Super Mario Bros. Game and Watch, which will come out on 13 November. Alternatively, you can play these games through the Nintendo Switch online NES and SNES service.

Will you celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario with any of its classic 2D games? Tell us in the comments.


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